3 easy interior trends for spring

What are the trends in interiors this spring? As winter finally loosens its grip, there are a few major influences that will be felt everywhere – some of them quite surprising.

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Embellished textiles

Who thought we’d see macrame, tufting, fringes and other decorative effects making a return? Yet the hottest interior designers are busy embellishing their soft furnishings, in what looks like a reaction to the cool minimalism we’ve seen so much of in the last few years. These finishes give a homely, slightly boho feel to interiors. And for keen crafters, they’re a great opportunity to add homemade touches to the house.

Glittery floors, gold and silver

Not for everyone, it has to be said. Although glitter helps to cheer up a gloomy winter, by mid-summer it may be looking slightly tawdryOTT and you may wish you’d gone for something a bit more classic.

Wooden floors don’t have to be dull – take a look at what an engineered flooring company can offer https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html and think about putting down a darker floor that will look great underneath a rug with some silver or gold tones in it. For the seriously stylish, Houzz is recommending gold as the accent colour for Spring.

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Colour pops

For those attached to their calming beiges and greys, colour pops are still a must. Cushions, throws and lampshades can all be replaced cheaply to give an instant uplift to a neutral background colour scheme.