What coaching drills can the under-fives do?

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, with people of all ages enjoying both the game and the benefits it offers. Even children can partake in the sport, with specific training drills suitable for them.

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Rugby is not considered one of the more dangerous sports, although it is considered a heavy-contact game. Here are some coaching drills suitable for the under-fives:

Turned to stone

Divide the players into groups of four, picking one of each group to be a ‘spook’. They get given a ball and their job is to chase other players and tap them on the chest or back with the ball. If a player is touched, they turn to stone. They can only be released by another player crawling through their legs.

The players can be given directions, such as:

– Look for space and move into it.
– When changing direction take short steps.
– Keep your head up.

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Cat and mouse

Players are split into four teams, three of which are the mice and one is the cats. Mouse groups each take their turn to challenge the cats. The mice each get given a ball and their job is to run through the playing field to get it home. The cats have to tackle them and stop the mice getting home.


The players are divided into teams of four, with each having three astronauts and one alien. The astronauts have to pass the ball amongst them while the alien tries to touch or tag them in 30 seconds.

Rugby drill training videos for these and other games are available online from resources such as https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/.

Fast hands, racing legs

The players are split into four groups, with each group placed in a corner of the field. The ball is passed counter-clockwise around the field by each player. When they pass the ball, they follow it and move to the next group.

Tiger tails

Each player has a tag tucked into the back of their shorts, and the tiger’s job is to grab it. When a tail is collected, they win. The tag must be visible for the tigers to pull it out of the shorts. You can switch teams around so that everyone has the chance to be a tiger.