Postponing Due to Pitching Problems

During a game of baseball with my friends, I was acting as the pitcher. I’ve done pitching for years and I’m pretty good at it. I have a pretty fast arm and can throw some great balls that will get most people out. At our most recent game, I threw a lot of pitches, and after one pitch my arm started to hurt. I had somehow pulled a muscle. After going to the doctor, he told me that my arm would be fine with some rest, and I could take a Soma pill in the meantime to ease the pain.

I’ve heard of a few different pain relieving medications, but I’ve never heard of Soma before the doctor mentioned it. Still, he seemed to think that it would work for my shoulder, so I used it. Once I took one of the pills, I didn’t feel any pain in my arm at all. I was tempted to go back to playing baseball because of how well my arm felt, but then I remembered that the doctor told me not to do anything while it healed. My friends were still able to play the game without me because they had a backup pitcher, and all I could do was sit and watch.

After my arm finally healed, I was ready to get back to playing baseball, but there was a bit of a problem. With every pitch that I was making after the injury, I was worried that I would injure myself again. I was too afraid to put my full force into my pitches because I thought that it would cause me a lot of pain. Because of this, people were able to hit my pitches and make it to home base. I was playing worse than before and had to do some practicing at the cages to get back into the rhythm of full strength pitching.