Is Your Boiler Working Properly?

Boilers that aren’t working properly or efficiently can not only cause you problems with your central heating but also end up costing you a lot of money as well. Maintaining your boiler regularly means that it will be less likely to break, therefore costing you less money. Here is a simple way of checking if your boiler is working properly.

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Increase in Energy Bills

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Energy bills are prone to go up and down each month, so don’t be too concerned if one month you pay more than usual. But if you notice that in one month the bill shows a dramatic increase, this could be due to your boiler not working properly.

Strange Noises

If you can hear clunking sounds coming from radiators or pipes around the home, you may need to have them flushed. Regularly cleaning out your central heating in this way will ensure your entire home is heated evenly.

If you can hear these noises coming from the boiler, it’s possible that there’s something wrong. The source of this noise could be due to water boiling within the pipes or from scale building up in the central heating. Both are easily treated by a registered engineer who can descale and flush your entire system. For maintenance on Gloucester boilers contact a company such as

Heating and Hot Water

In the summer months we don’t tend to use our central heating. So it’s important that you keep testing all year round that your heating and hot water are both working at the same time. This is especially important during the winter if you have a property that isn’t inhabited, as the pipes can freeze in cold weather.

Some Rooms Are Colder Than Others

Having rooms around the home that aren’t heating up is a sure indication of a boiler not working properly. This could be due to a blockage in the central heating system. A power flush will stop these cold spots around the home and also help to keep your boiler working for longer.

The Correct Pressure

A boiler with low pressure will stop central heating from working properly. The pressure gauge on a boiler should be above one at all times. If it drops below this, there may be a leak somewhere within the system.