I Have a Pretty Strange Job Now

It started out while I was still in college and playing football when it started out. I had dated the girl when I was a freshman and she got involved in stripping to pay her bills. The truth is that she was really good at it, she had been a gymnast and she was extremely attractive. I would go to bachelor parties with her and look like I could kick butt if needed. At any rate I did not start out working for a Las Vegas escort service and I do not do that really either. It is just something that I ended up with because the money became really big. Obviously when you go to a bachelor party you are usually a very good looking girl with little to no clothes, entertaining a large group of men that have been drinking. Drinking in turn leads to a lot of poor decision making. My job is to ameliorate the sort of poor decision which harms my client. The best way to do it is to be big and scary, because things easily spiral out of control once violence starts.

I usually try not to do anything, but I have laid a couple of guys out. Some times they are as big as me, so I have developed techniques for dealing with that. I studied which martial arts are best, krav maga from Israel seems like the best I could find. Of course you want to use the minimum amount of violence for all sorts of purpose. In fact you want to make sure that when you have to do something it is something that makes exactly the right impression. You want to put to a person down on the ground and let everyone else think that you can do the same to them.