Month: March 2018

It’s a sad fact that many of us neglect our garages. A space associated with storage and functionality rather than somewhere we’d like to actually spend time, many garages are simply dumping grounds that are left unorganised, dingy and chaotic.

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A report in Leaders suggests that a well-maintained garage can add up to 5 per cent onto the value of your home, but a neglected and run-down garage is hardly likely to be appealing to potential buyers. What can you do to restore order in your garage?

One solution is to install garage shelving. This is a perfect way to utilise wall and floor space in a garage while keeping your tools, hardware and other items safe and well- organised. The problem is that a lot of garage shelving can be expensive. How can you create sturdy, reliable shelving for your garage on a budget? Making it yourself …


Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, with people of all ages enjoying both the game and the benefits it offers. Even children can partake in the sport, with specific training drills suitable for them.

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Rugby is not considered one of the more dangerous sports, although it is considered a heavy-contact game. Here are some coaching drills suitable for the under-fives:

Turned to stone

Divide the players into groups of four, picking one of each group to be a ‘spook’. They get given a ball and their job is to chase other players and tap them on the chest or back with the ball. If a player is touched, they turn to stone. They can only be released by another player crawling through their legs.

The players can be given directions, such as:

– Look for space and move into it.
– When …


What are the trends in interiors this spring? As winter finally loosens its grip, there are a few major influences that will be felt everywhere – some of them quite surprising.

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Embellished textiles

Who thought we’d see macrame, tufting, fringes and other decorative effects making a return? Yet the hottest interior designers are busy embellishing their soft furnishings, in what looks like a reaction to the cool minimalism we’ve seen so much of in the last few years. These finishes give a homely, slightly boho feel to interiors. And for keen crafters, they’re a great opportunity to add homemade touches to the house.

Glittery floors, gold and silver

Not for everyone, it has to be said. Although glitter helps to cheer up a gloomy winter, by mid-summer it may be looking slightly tawdryOTT and you may wish you’d gone for something a bit more classic.

Wooden floors don’t …

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