How to Avoid Offending a Latina Escort

I work for a Latina escort service in Salt Lake City and I come across a lot of guys who are downright offensive. If you want to have a nice time with me or someone else at a service, please do not do any of the following.

Don’t Take Them To A Mexican Restaurant

Yes, I may be Mexican, but this does not mean that I always want to be taken to places that supposedly have the best Mexican food you have ever eaten. While you are technically in charge, it is always nice when someone asks whet I like to eat instead of thinking my diet only consists of Mexican food.

Trying To Speak Spanish

This is probably the worst, especially when I meet someone who clearly does not have a strong grasp of the language. You may think that this is a way to show someone that you have an appreciation for their culture, but it isn’t. Respect the fact that you are not Spanish and we know English, There is no need to start talking in Broken English to impress us. You will fare even worse if you do this while speaking in a highly exaggerated accent.

Don’t Assume We Are All Alike

I am a pretty relaxed person and I hate the idea of people telling me stories about their ex and how she was a hot tamale; a regular Latina spitfire. This is far from my personality and I do not like being group with others simply because we have the same ethnicity.

It is not very hard to act nice and friendly to a Latina escort without making her feel like she is some kind of experiment for you. Make sure you avoid doing any of these offensive things if you ever have the opportunity touse a Latina escort service In Salt Lake City.