What office layout will you choose?

The time has come for your business to expand to a new office space. The question now remains what are your thoughts on how this new office will look. One of the reasons why businesses do not hit the ground running when they move is that there is no clear set plan as to how the new office will look or in fact work. It is easy to establish the location and space but unless a lot of time is spent actually planning out the space the business can spend a considerable amount of time playing catch up establishing where things go and where people will operate. One thing that you don’t have to worry about is furniture if you look at using this Next day office furniture namely https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/next-day-chairs/. They can have the equipment there for you within 24 hours of the requested or in an emergency situation.

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Assuming you have a space in mind it’s great idea to spec out and plan out within it what you want to happen. If fortune is kind and the place comes furnished and everything is where you want it to be (a very rare but not unheard of possibility) then you have no need to read on but if not then you need get the tape measures out or employ someone who does. It’s an additional outlay but an office planning company might be an idea if your office manager is feeling swamped by it all.

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The real decisions about the office space are dependent on the functionality that you are expecting from it. For a telephony based company it’s just a simple task of arranging open plan desks. That is one thing that you may want to address. The open plan format is a modern approach that is supposed to stop the development of “silo mentality” and create an all in this together community spirit. It might work out for some like that howeverfor others the exposure they feel is a bit intimidating plus it seems like the employee is not trusted to work without being observed all the time by peers and team managers.

There is also the fact that you need a reception area if the place is to receive clients and visitors. You might also want to consider breakout zones for staff that are in meetings and also allocate an area of social gathering away from the work zone so people can mingle and catch up. We all need a place to talk around the water cooler. Whatever you decide, the plans you make now will stand you in good stead and hopefully ensure a profitable business continues to grow so that you’ll need an even bigger space the next time around.